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Bombshell Burlesque at Wonderland

Burlesque beauties have been tantalising audiences for over a hundred years, and Bombshell Burlesque are extending a satin gloved hand to guide you through A Brief History of Burlesque! 


With a focus on glamour and fun, this high paced, cheeky show features stunning group routines with slick choreography, award winning soloists and a chanteuse MC as part of the action. 


From the hoochie coochie girls in the 1800’s to the modern babes we love today, you’ll be treated to a spectacular array of glittering performances by Queensland’s premier showgirls.

The premiere season of A Brief History of Burlesque was presented at Wonderland Festival in Brisbane in November 2016 and enjoyed sell out success.  The theatrical production features solo and group burlesque performances, a narrator, fan dance, aerial and fire performances.  More details below:


* Touring company of 8 - 10 artists.


* Contents can be altered to suit venues including the exclusion of fire & aerial if unsuitable.


* Basic lighting and PA required, rigging (if aerial desired), fire alarm isolation (if fire desired).


* No set required so ideal to program on dark nights of longer seasons


* Current run time is 55 minutes, no interval.  This can be extended to 1hr, 20 minutes if required.


* Professional lighting design included.


For more information or to book, please email

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